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My research is driven by questions about both “new” and “old” genres: the new genres I am interested in are primarily Web 2.0-based genres, such as blogs, digital stories, prezis, and other interactive, multimodal, digital genres; and the old genres I am interested in are academic classroom documents, such as syllabi, assignment sheets, and grading rubrics. Much of my research brings the old and new together; for example, I am interested in how assignment sheets for multimodal projects construct multimodal projects in ways that overlook the affordances of digital composition and pay homage to analog alphabetic texts. I use rhetorical genre theory as a lens through which to approach problems.

Here are some of the specific questions that drive my research:

  • academic rhetorics: How to instructor-created documents, such as syllabi, assignments, and handouts, construct academic integrity and citation practice for students? How do these documents construct academic values for students? How do these documents resist, reflect, and create pedagogical change? How do instructor comments on student writing construct academic values for students?
  • composition pedagogy and theory: How can activity theory inform our pedagogy? How can writing processes and post-process ideas be incorporated into our teaching, commenting, and grading practices?
  • digital rhetorics: How do digital rhetorics enact reciprocity between composers, readers/users, and source material?
  • multimodal composition: How can genre theory be used to construct more effective teaching materials for multigenre and multimodal compositions? How can students successfully negotiate the multiple and sometimes conflicting rhetorical situations inherent in composing multigenre and multimodal compositions for class assignments?
  • student source use: What do source citations do, rhetorically, interactionally, and epistemically?

And some specific projects I am working on now:

  • I was a contributing researcher on The Citation Project and am now conducting a research project that seeks to investigate how syllabi and course documents in FYC courses construct source use and citation. .
  • I am revising a paper I presented at the 2017 Conference on College Composition and Communication on student source citation into an article.
  • I am writing a program profile about the MSU Denver Writing Center’s approach to (dis)ability for a special issue of Composition Forum.
  • I am in the final stages of revising The Bedford Book of Genres for the second edition.

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