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My research is driven by questions about power, authority, access/ability, and rhetorical framing and how they function in writing classrooms and writing centers in particular and institutions of higher education more broadly. Much of my work is interdisciplinary, drawing on and building on work from disability studies, writing studies, rhetoric, nursing, feminism, conflict studies, diversity studies, and other areas. Ultimately, I hope my work disrupts naturalized hierarchies and institutionalized racism/patriarchy/ableism.

To achieve these goals, I use methodologies that assume researchers bring subjectivity into their work, that research subjects are themselves experts, and that research should be reciprocal, benefiting both researcher and research subjects. The methodologies I most heavily rely on are grounded theory, ethnography, and institutional ethnography. I come to all my work as a feminist.

Here are some of the specific questions that drive my research:

  • inclusivity: How do current teaching, scholarly, and academic publication practices maintain and/or resist naturalized hierarchies and institutionalized racism/patriarchy/ableism?
  • academic rhetorics: How do instructor-created documents, such as syllabi, assignments, and handouts, construct academic integrity and citation practice for students? How do these documents construct academic values for students? How do these documents resist, reflect, and create pedagogical change? How do instructor comments on student writing construct academic values for students?
  • writing centers: How can writing centers be sites of resistance to neo-liberalism? How can writing centers push back against rhetorics of (dis)ability, neurodiversity, hierarchies, patriarchy, and white supremacy? How can writing centers be brave/r spaces for difference?
  • source citation: What do source citations do, rhetorically, interactionally, and epistemically? How do source citation practices direct attention toward and/or away from particular authors? What might a feminist citation pedagogy look like?

Some specific projects I am working on now:

  • An edited collection about marginality in writing centers with Sohui Lee and Julie Prebel. 
  • A paper on the intersections of disability, sex, agency, and narrative.
  • A study of how academic integrity is defined by course documents and practices that brings together several data pools – a syllabus repository, ethnographic classroom research, and a survey of faculty definitions of plagiarism – to study how academic integrity is defined by course documents and practices.
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